Knowledge applied with
sensitivity and care
to guide your transition

When you reach a point of transition, life can seem like a day-to-day existence rather than one long continuous journey. We can help you achieve continuity once again with careful guidance and a strong shoulder to lean on. We’ll keep our eye on the future so you can concentrate on the present. Together, we’ll address each unique set of challenges and complexities together – along with the uncertainties. We’ll be here with encouragement and well-thought guidance to help you move ahead with your life.

The major financial implications that accompany the death of a spouse come at a time of great emotional stress and personal turmoil. If you’ve never managed finances before, this may be the first time you’ve had to do so. There’s also the concern that your income may not be sufficient to maintain your lifestyle. We’ll be here to guide your every step and to advise you on each important matter. Whatever question or issue you may face – from managing life insurance proceeds to Social Security paperwork and the retitling of financial accounts – we’ll be by your side to help.

Whatever the windfall – from an inheritance to the sale of a business, property or financial asset – we’ll help you keep it all in perspective with an eye to the future. Our team can also work with your accountant or attorney to help ensure all financial matters are appropriately coordinated including the tax ramifications that can come with receiving a large sum of money.

A divorce can bring both emotional and financial upheaval to any family. That is why our goal in a situation such as this is to provide carefully considered guidance and a calm third-party perspective. Family businesses, children, retirement accounts and other factors must all be carefully considered. We are here to provide support for you and your attorney by providing a clear picture of your financial situation and offer guidance on dividing assets and managing taxes, so you can once again move forward in life.

We are experienced in the financial issues that can accompany marriage – especially a second one. Not only are two wonderful people joining together, it is also the merger of two separate financial situations and investment experiences. Our team – working side by side with your current professional advisors such as your accountant and attorney (from both sides) – can help you address all of the new opportunities you’ll face, including setting goals, creating a budget, managing debt and modifying estate plans.